How do I switch on/off my Frontier X?

Press the red button on your Frontier X device once, and the color display on the device will come on. After five minutes, your Frontier X will go into sleep mode to save battery.

How do I connect my Frontier X to my phone?

After the device is switched on, a blue light will start blinking. The blue light will stop blinking after five minutes of inactivity. As long as the device is blinking blue, you can connect the device to the mobile app.

Go to the Home Screen of the Frontier Run app. Select “Connect” on the top-right corner of the app. Click on the ID of the device that you want to connect with.

Once the device is connected the blue blinking light will turn into a ‘green’ blinking light.

Can I connect my Frontier X to my smart watch?

Yes, your Frontier X can be connected to an Apple watch. 

Please refer to the instructions in the User manual, on how to connect your Frontier X with an Apple watch.

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