Q: Frontier X device acting abnormally, how do I reboot it?

If your Frontier X is acting abnormally, press down the red button on the device for five to six seconds, until the lights go off. Release the button. The device will reboot, indicated by a succession of red, then green, then blue lights, and a short buzz. Your Frontier X should be ready to use as before.

Q: App seems to be malfunctioning, how do I reboot it?

If the Fourth Frontier app seems to be malfunctioning, press your phone’s home button to quit the app. Wait for five seconds before rebooting the app. You should now be able to use the app and the device as before.

Q: I need to manually update my Frontier X with the latest Firmware, how do I do this?

If there is a new version of the Firmware available on our server, the Firmware will automatically be updated when you connect your device to the app, assuming that no recording is taking place at that time.

To manually update the Firmware:
> Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the internet. Also make sure that the Fourth Frontier app is connected to your Frontier X over Bluetooth.
> Place your Frontier X and your smartphone next to each other.
> In your Fourth Frontier app, select “Firmware Upgrade” from the Settings page.
> Wait for the progress bar to complete. After this, the device will reset, indicated by a succession of solid blue, red, green, and blue lights, and a buzz.

Your Frontier X should reset and reconnect automatically to the Fourth Frontier app.

Still having trouble with your Frontier X or the Fourth Frontier app?

Contact the customer care team by writing to support@fourthfrontier.com

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