How do I see real-time data of my workout/training on my Frontier X?

To view data during your workout, connect your app to Frontier X, and then navigate to the Current Workout screen, by selecting the “Workout”  button on the Home tab. If the device is already recording when you connect your app, it will automatically navigate to the Current Workout screen, and you will be able to see your values updating every 20 seconds. 

You can also view your real-time data on an Apple watch. Please refer to the User Manual for details regarding this.

How do I see my workout/training data on the Fourth Frontier app?

After your workout, when you connect your Frontier X to your mobile app, a message will automatically appear on the app, prompting you to transfer new workout summaries to the phone. If this automatic prompt does not appear, you can also go to “Settings” in the right-bottom corner of the app and select “Get Workout Summary” .
Once the syncing process starts, you will need to wait 10 to 15 seconds for data to be saved onto your phone.

How can I see a summary of all my recorded workouts?

Once the “Get Workout Summary” process is complete, you can view the summary of that workout by going to the “History” page on your Fourth Frontier app.
On the History page, you will also be able to view summaries of all of your recorded workouts.
You can view the summary of a workout by selecting a specific workout in the History page.

How do I view my timeline graph?

To view the timeline graph, click on the graph icon on the top-right side. This will open up the detailed graph of your workout, where you will be able to see how the different parameters varied over time. If you recorded an event during your workout, it will appear as a white line in the graph of your overall workout. If you got an Effort alert, it will appear as a green line, and if you got a Strain alert, it will appear as a yellow line on the Timeline graph.

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