How do I sync data on my Frontier X to the cloud?

To view ECG data and receive insights of a workout recorded on your Frontier X, you need to Sync the data on your Frontier X to the cloud.* To do so, open the Fourth Frontier app on your phone. Go to the Menu sidebar and select Sync Data.
The app will now prompt you to connect to an access point starting with “4FAP”. Select OK to connect to this access point.

After you click “OK”, the file will be fetched over WiFi to your app and stored in your phone’s file system. The file will also be uploaded automatically to the server, and you will receive an email with your detailed report in three to four minutes.
If the file did not get uploaded due to network connectivity issues, when your network issues get resolved, you can select “Re-upload Data” in the settings page, and click on the upload icon next to the file name that you would like to upload. The file names are stored in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_email.bin, where the date and time corresponds to the time that you initiated Sync Data.

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